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The Monday Night Group ("MNG" for short) is one of Manchester's longest established writers' groups, running continuously for around 50 years.

MNG members are regularly published, both locally and nationally.  "Alumni" include: Toby Stone, Linda Brogan, Dominic Berry, Pam Leeson, Steve O'Connor, Gerry Potter, Steven Waling, Michael Stewart, Michael Wilson and Hannah Kate.

As our name suggests, we meet from 7.30pm each Monday evening, currently in the snug at the Lass O'Gowrie pub on Charles St in Manchester city centre - just opposite where the BBC studios used to be - reading our work and receiving constructive feedback.

The MNG is democratically run by its members - we don't have a specific facilitator or tutor. We're a group for writers, run by writers.

Attending the MNG is FREE and all are welcome, regardless of age, race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, social background, etc. All that we ask is that you're serious about writing, and prepared to both give and receive feedback in a positive, generous and constructive way.

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